Drug hotspot near Aylesbury canal is causing a bother

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A woman is desperate for a Stocklake grot spot being used by youths for drug abuse to be sorted so she can get some sleep again.

Catherine Steward said the location of the Old Mill off Osier Way has been frequented by young people to use drugs ever since she moved into her nearby property 18 months ago.

The youngsters are able to access the area by climbing over the lock on the canal and making their way onto the site, which is owned by Fourth Avenue Estates Limited, through a gap in the fence.

Mrs Steward said: “It’s horrible along there. It’s just horrid.

“They are there most evenings. You can hear them most the time.

“My next door neighbours find it a problem especially because their younger daughter is disabled and it keeps her awake.

“It gets worse in the summer months and with the better weather.”

The company which owns the mill said the site has had problems over the years and that it does respond immediately to complaints.

But Mrs Steward said she was not aware of the area being tidied.

“They don’t care if there’s a hole in the fence,” she said.

“The youngsters stay there and just leave rubbish there.

“It’s generally just smoking weed over there, I think. The kids don’t care.”

Mrs Steward said she had been tempted to tidy the area with some friends but that she doesn’t want to run the risk of trespassing.

She added that the site has also been used by people for squatting and said complaints to police have proved fruitless.