‘Dog walker who found human ear’ in church graveyard originally kicked it under a bush

Police at St Mary's Church graveyard in Aylesbury
Police at St Mary's Church graveyard in Aylesbury

A man who claims to be the dog walker who found what is believed to be a severed human ear at St Mary’s Church in Aylesbury said he originally thought it belonged to a pig.

Police cordoned off the church on Wednesday night after getting a call from a member of the public, now believed to be Ben Jackson-Smith, at 7pm.

Mr Jackson-Smith said on Facebook today (Thursday): “I definitely thought it was a pig’s ear when I found it so I just kicked it under a bush but then went back moments after and thought I better just let the police know I felt so stupid calling them but they all think it looks human too.

“Looks bloody real to me! But also is dried up like a pork scratching so best to get it checked. An area of St Mary’s Church has been taped off as procedure that’s all I know! If I hear anything else ill let you all know.”

The rector, Father Shane Wood, said: “I was aware there were police in the churchyard so I came out to see that every one was safe. The police have it perfectly under control, so we’ve left them to get on with their investigations.”

Discussion is rife on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter as to the authenticity of a photo of the ear which has been uploaded.

A police statement said the man who made the discovery believed he had found a human ear.

Police have yet to confirm this is the case as they continue their investigations.