‘Axe wielding man’ dismissed as hoax

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Editorial image

Police investigating reports of a masked man wielding an axe have said they are ‘completely false.’

Officers say they have received a ‘considerable’ number of calls from concerned parents in Thame after reports the man had been spotted outside various schools, particularly Lord Williams’s in Oxford Road.

A statement from police sent to parents of pupils at the school says: “We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure parents and students that these reports are completely false.

“It appears to have been a story being told around the school by the students which has been exaggerated every time it has been passed on and then amplified over social media.

“Several children have admitted to making up or spreading the rumours, and the force has spent considerable time speaking with the students involved and reassuring parents that the whole story is in fact a hoax.

“Officers have attended the school to speak with students and teachers on how to report concerns to the police.”

They ask that parents have a conversation with their children ‘to remind them of the seriousness of wasting police time’.

“Time spent investigating false reports is valuable time lost in dealing with real crime.”

We have approached Lord Williams’s School headteacher David Wybron however he has so far been unavailable for comment.