Cricketers enjoy an Indian summer tour

MP Academy cricket tour to India
MP Academy cricket tour to India
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Aspiring cricketers have gone on tour in India to develop their skills and help needy children.

The trip was organised by the Thame-based MP Sports Academy and involved players from around England.

Eight players travelled from England and the rest of the party was made up by boys from India.

During the tour the group gave free cricket coaching to 300 children and gave away 100 bats.

There was also plenty of match action, with the tour party playing seven times, including five games at the Rajkot International Cricket Stadium where the England side have been in action against India.

Of the seven matches, the tourists won five, including two dramatic victories on the last ball of the game.

Manoj Parmar, the academy’s director, said: “The main aim of the tour was to learn how to play against spin and the mental toughness you need.”

One of the tour members, Andy Harris, said: “I had been on a cricket tour to India before but the MP Academy tour I found much more beneficial and it dramatically improved my game.

“The video analysis session was very useful to help me see the areas I could improve. We tried to work on a couple of key points rather than bombarding me with lots of things to work on. It was also a great chance to experience the Indian culture and their enthusiasm for the game first hand.”

The academy has cricket coaching courses running in July and August. For more information visit