Cream nightclub coming to Aylesbury

Cream Club
Cream Club
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An international nightclub is coming to Aylesbury for one night only, turning the Waterside into a fist pumping, kaleidoscope of dance and sound.

The Cream Club Night on Saturday July 27 from 9pm until 2am will be a first for the theatre, which is more used to ballet, opera and drama productions.

Theatre spokeswoman Becky Martin said: “We know that Aylesbury likes music and we have been looking at different ways of using the flat floor option.

“We had a Rocky party after the Rocky Horror Show and that was very successful so we know there is a desire for programming events like this.”

Cream is one of the best known nightclubs in the world and began life in a small underground club in Liverpool in the 90s.

Over the years it has played host to many high profile DJs and today the club undertakes several different tours and also holds beach parties in Ibiza.

At the Waterside, DJ Marc Fuccio will open events before K-Klass, a house music group from Wales, take to the floor.

Miss Martin said: “We want to provide something for everybody.

“We are reaching out to a different audience, but we have chosen Cream Club Classics so it is quite broad and should appeal to anyone who has enjoyed clubs from the 90s onwards.

“If it is successful we will definitely look at programming more events along these lines, alongside our usual ballet, drama, opera and Friars. It will be another string to our bow.”

Tickets in advance £11 or £10 for students – call 0844 871 7607. Also £12 on the night.