Crash house couple are just yards from another disaster

Miriam and Ormond Robin with Councillor Lisa Smith
Miriam and Ormond Robin with Councillor Lisa Smith
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A COUPLE who have only just moved back into their home after boy racers ploughed into it in September have been left shaken after another vehicle came perilously close to causing a second disaster.

Miriam and Ormond Robin were shocked when they saw skid marks on the grass outside their home in Oliffe Way, Aylesbury, indicating a car had once again lost control on the Buckingham Road roundabout next to the street.

The marks, left on Sunday afternoon, show the vehicle came within just five feet of their property.

Miriam said: “It could have come into our kitchen, it could have been another disaster. We have only been back a week so it’s very frightening.

“It appears that the vehicle came off the roundabout and cut across the grass verge and the paving verge. It came within five feet of our fence.”

The couple are once again calling on Bucks County Council to make the roundabout safer – and at the very least install crash barriers to protect pedestrians and homes.

Miriam said: “We need crash barriers. If anybody had been walking along they’d have been killed. We’re either going to get someone killed or there’s going to be another disaster like the one five months ago.

She said the couple, who had been staying with their daughter and son-in-law in Tring Road while the house was repaired, were glad to be back home.

But she added: “I feel very unsafe in my own home. We really can’t relax.

“With this now happening you just don’t know what’s going to come next. We feel nervous.”

District councillor Lisa Smith, who lives nearby, has called on the county council to take action.

She said: “I’m concerned there doesn’t seem to be any feedback from the council to people whose home has been damaged. They need to look at it very seriously.

“People don’t seem to know how to use the roundabout because of the big paving area. People shoot straight across it, go very fast and lose control.”

Peter Hardy, cabinet member for planning and transport at the county council, said: “Unfortunately there appears to have been an incident on Oliffe Way roundabout involving a car.

“Understandably residents are anxious following the collision last year.

“We would like to reassure them that as a result of that collision our road safety team has been recording speed data in order to ascertain whether improvements can be made.

“We will also be putting down more white lines later this month to encourage drivers to be considerate of their speed and positioning on the roundabout.

“One of my managers has gone out to talk to the residents of Oliffe Way and we are very much mindful of their concerns.”