Couple with combined age of 177 prove it’s never too late to fall in love

Happy couple Eileen Thomas and Michael Cockrean on their wedding day
Happy couple Eileen Thomas and Michael Cockrean on their wedding day

For lovestruck 90-year-old Michael Cockrean and Eileen Thomas, 87, Hartwell House became the perfect romantic location for a honeymoon.

The romantic pensioners first met during a film show organised at the retirement lodge where they both own apartments in Princes Risborough.

Both widowed, they moved into Windsor Lodge on Wellington Avenue after each selling their own large four-bedroom family homes.

Recalling the day they first met back in the summer of 2013, Eileen said: “We were both sitting on our own and I caught his eye and we smiled at each other.

“We then met properly at a Pimm’s party in the owner’s lounge and Michael invited me for tea shortly afterwards.

“Our friendship has just grown since that time and we are now looking forward to spending the rest of our days together.”

The couple married at St John the Evangelist Church in Lacey Green last week.

Michael’s son Tim was best man and Eileen’s great niece Jane Stephens was bridesmaid.

Their reception was held at nearby St John’s Combined School followed by a wonderful three-day honeymoon at Hartwell House.

Eileen said: “As far as we know we are the first couple from Windsor Lodge to get married.

“All our neighbours are very pleased for us and we really loved sharing the day with our family and friends as well as our trip to Hartwell House.

“We plan to take a longer holiday later on in the year when the weather is better.”

Michael moved into Windsor Lodge just over 18 months ago, shortly after losing his first wife Veronica.

He now lives very near to his son Tim and is able to join him for lunch each day.

Eileen has been living at the lodge for nine months.

The couple both have their own apartments at the lodge but after tying the knot, they will now live together in Mrs Cockrean’s larger apartment.


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