Couple tuning up for world record

Chis and Vicky Bayley from Aylesbury
Chis and Vicky Bayley from Aylesbury

An Aylesbury couple are marching the London Marathon while playing musical instruments in a bid to break a world record.

IT worker Chris Bayley, 36, and his wife Vicky, 38, will join the Huddersfield Marathon Band, as it attempts to parade the famous 26-mile route in record time.

The 30-piece band set a world record time of seven hours 55 minutes in 2011 before a German group went half an hour quicker in 2012.

But on April 13, with the help of the couple, the band is ready to win back the accolade with a seven-hour march and raise £60,000 for deafblind charity Sense.

Chris, who plays the euphonium alongside his tenor-horn-playing wife, wears a special harness to carry the eight-pound instrument.

He said: “Nobody is offering to join us! A lot of people are questioning our sanity!

“Trying to walk and breathe in time is tricky, it’s about pacing yourself and you need good upper body strength.”

The couple, who met at York University and were introduced to the band by a friend last year, completed the Oulton half-marathon as part of the group’s training in February.

Chris said: “It was a bit of a shock to the system but I think that’s what we needed.

“The drummers are crucial as they set the speed and we now know we need to march at 134beats per minute.”

Mr Bayley plays for an ice hockey club in Milton Keynes but he said it is their seven-year-old son Andrew who really keeps them fit.

The couple, who are hosting a quiz night at Bucks Balti House , Aylesbury, on April 7, can be sponsored through