County Show Characters: The wine makers

Ina and Nigel Smith from Manor Fields Vineyard in Weedon
Ina and Nigel Smith from Manor Fields Vineyard in Weedon

For many years wine making was not something associated with England but a gradual change has taken place over time so that now some very delicious wines are created here on our own little island.

Nigel and Ina Smith started their two acre vineyard in Weedon in 2004 when they planted classic grape varieties for champagne and also planted a couple of English varieties.

And on Thursday they returned to the county show for the second year running to showcase five including white, sparkling, still and rose, in the food tent.

Mrs Smith said: “People have realised that you can make really good quality wine in this country that can even beat the French in international competitions.”

Mr Smith worked in the wine trade for many years and had shops in London before opening the vineyard.

Mrs Smith said: “We have both always had an interest in wine and it was our dream to have a vineyard. We thought we would have to go to France, but to do it in England is great.”

The couple sell their wines direct from Manor Fields Vineyard in Weedon and are open 9-5pm most days and welcome buyers who wish to buy anything from as little as one bottle to a whole case. Although they are usually always there, Mrs Smith says it is best to call first on 01296 641178.