Councillor supports £120m budget cuts

councillor Nick Carter
councillor Nick Carter

A BUDGET which has seen close to £120 million of cost cutting has been backed by Thame’s county councillor.

Nick Carter was speaking after cabinet members of Oxfordshire County Council voted in favour of the huge cuts on Tuesday and he said it would mean ‘business as usual’ for the people of Thame.

He said: “I have no worries about how the cuts will affect those in Thame.

“I think that actually we have been quite lucky, especially in terms of the library as it was all completed and established before any changes have come in.”

But the news wasn’t quite as good for Chinnor as the expected cut of £2 million to libraries in the county was pushed through.

It is not yet finalised how this will be carried out, but at the moment Chinnor is one of 20 libraries set for the axe (turn to page 7).

Other issues brought up in the budget which will affect the Thame locals is the decision to cut the amount of hours in which street lights will be used.

There was also a cut in the amount of money designated to road maintenance, although Mr Carter confirmed this would not affect the way issues such as potholes are dealt with.

He said: “If a pothole is looking like it may be potentially dangerous then it will be sorted out well before it is remotely dangerous and that will always be the case.”

The savings have been spread over a four-year period, with an estimated £55 million being cut this year.

A huge chunk of this will be from adult services, funding for which has been slashed by £37 million. The decisions came after a seven-hour meeting at County Hall.

All of the conservative members present voted for the cuts but there was no support from any of the opposition councillors who all voted against the cuts.