Council workshop to teach kids the art of urban free-running craze ‘Parkour’

A Parkour specialist PHOTO: Mecha Morton
A Parkour specialist PHOTO: Mecha Morton

Youngsters are being invited by Aylesbury Vale District Council to learn urban acrobatics known as Parkour.

Children aged eight-14 can join the free-running workshops ahead of the annual Activate Dance Festival on April 27 at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury.

The workshops, taking place at Aylesbury Vale Academy, will be led by professionals in free-running.

Known as Parkour, it is a sub-culture which originated in France but has now become a global craze.

Many free-running videos which feature people performing dangerous stunts such as jumping from high-rise buildings have become hits on YouTube.

In a statment the council said: “This exciting form of urban acrobatics (also known as free-running) has captured the imagination of audiences all over the world and now eight to 14 year-olds have a chance to master the basic techniques.”

Activate is an Aylesbury Vale District Council community development initiative which aims to provide opportunities for young people.

Workshops at the Berryfields academy will run from April 7-11 (10am to 4pm).

Bookings before March 31 will receive 25% discount to £95.

Visit for more information or ring 01296 585301.

Activate tickets are available from the Waterside Theatre box office or at