Council warning: Don’t chop until you’ve checked

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People are being urged to check a new online service before carrying out work to trees in their gardens – or else they could face prosecution.

The website provided by Aylesbury Vale District Council allows people to check if trees are subject to a tree preservation order or within a conservation area.

An interactive map identifies the preservation orders as 
well as other planning constraints.

In Aylesbury Vale there are more than 800 preservation orders relating to trees in urban and rural areas.

Councillor Sue Polhill, cabinet member for conservation said: “There may be some 
people who think preservation orders cover only the more prestigious trees such as oak trees, but this isn’t the case.

“They cover a huge variety in relation to the purpose they serve within communities.

“The impact that all types of trees have in a street scene is important as they visually change and enhance the appearance of the area.”

She added: “Carrying out unauthorised work to protected trees is an offence and could lead to a prosecution.

“Ideally we want to avoid this sort of action.

“Our advice is that if any residents are thinking about carrying out work to a tree in their garden or near their home, or they are approached by a company offering to do work, they should check the council website first.”

To view the interactive map, click here