Council ‘on the road’ to improving recycling rates

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A new road-waste treatment facility has been introduced to help improve the levels of recycling across the county.

Oxfordshire County Council will use the facility, based in Ewelme, to process road-sweepings across the county as part of an effort to boost recycling rates.

The plant, which cost £1.3million, will recover leaves, sand and grit, and metals from road sweeping waste.

Rebecca Harwood, service delivery manager at Oxfordshire County Council’s waste management group said: “We see it as a win-win situation, using the facility is half the cost of sending waste to landfill and we’re also cutting down on transport costs and carbon emissions.

“We anticipate this will help us boost our recycling performance rates by nearly 2%, which is a great result.”

Around 5,000 tonnes of sweepings a year are collected.

The plant will be able to process around 25,000 tonnes of road sweepings a year. which is roughly 10 tonnes every hour.

The council described the facility as “one of the most technically advanced in the UK.”

In future, the council, which has the highest rates of recycling in the country, hopes to work with other local authorities and private contractors.

Owen George, tender manager at Grundon, said: “We’re delighted to be able to play our own part in helping the county fly the flag for excellence in recycling and recovery of waste.”