Council looking to rent out space in ‘white elephant’ offices

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Plans to rent out space in the district council’s £9.5 million new offices are being considered.

Aylesbury Vale District Council is looking to lease out around 60 desks for eight to 10 years to firms.

Council deputy chief executive Jon McGinty says it is because the authority’s ‘hot desking’ system means not as many work spaces are needed for employees and that it will generate income.

However, Councillor Steven Lambert, Lib Dem leader, said it was proof the building is a ‘white elephant’.

He said: “They built an office block that was too big for them and that they didn’t need. Now it’s coming home to roost.”

Mr McGinty said: “Having lived with a 80% desking ratio for a year we felt comfortable that we could drop this if the right offer came along.

“We can live with less space. It wouldn’t affect our productivity or efficiency.”