Council awards £12,300 to help top young stars

South Oxfordshire District Council is rewarding the hard work of 51 young people aged 11 to 19 from across the district, by giving them a total of £12,300.

Each of the winning young people will receive up to £250 to recognise their talents in sports, the arts or helping in the community.

There will be an award ceremony to celebrate their achievements on Monday 10 January at St Mary’s Church in Wallingford, a community facility recently refurbished thanks to a £250,000 grant from the council.

The council has celebrated young achievers for many years, firstly through the bursaries scheme and for the last two years, the young achievers awards.

Rodney Mann, Cabinet Member for grants at the council said: “It’s a priority for the council to improve opportunities for young people and by providing these awards it will help talented young people to continue to grow in their chosen activities. We have some incredible young people in the district and I am proud of their many achievements.”