Council apologise as rubbish piles up

District council apolgise as rubbish builds up
District council apolgise as rubbish builds up

The district council is apologising for the build up of rubbish in Thame after it confirmed a number of collections have been missed.

The problem has arisen due to collections being cancelled during the snow chaos but South Oxfordshire District Council has confirmed it has a strategy to catch up.

It involves the bin men working for the next three Saturday’s as they run to the normal Christmas schedule.

Strategic director Steve Bishop said: “We did not attempt to catch up collections from those who had a missed collection in order to safeguard collections for the majority of residents unaffected by the snow and ice disruptions.

“Had we attempted to catch up those two days of missed collections, it would have meant disrupting the Christmas schedule for all 100,000 households across South Oxfordshire and the Vale rather than just the minority of households whose collections were cancelled due to snow and ice.”

The two days wiped out were December 20 and 21 as the conditions were unsafe to drive the refuse lorries.

In order to make up for the disruption, the refuse collectors will take a reasonable amount of extra rubbish which may not fit in the bins.

But to make this contingency plan work, the council has had to stop picking up garden waste until January 12 and will instead pick up extra when the warm weather returns in April.