Corporate plan gets the green light

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THE district council has voted to approve a new Corporate Plan at a meeting this week.

The document sets out South Oxfordshire District Council’s strategic objectives and corporate priorities for the next four years.

The council consulted with residents and stakeholders to help develop the plan which is available for download.

The vision set out for the district in the plan is characterised by a good quality of life, a good sense of community where diversity in people and place is respected and valued and where people have access to the good quality services and facilities they need to support social and economic well-being.

The plan includes information on its commitment to partnership working, its corporate equality and market town action plans and how it intends to build the local economy and meet housing needs.

Councillor Ann Ducker, leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “I think our plans for the next four years are both exciting and challenging. We will concentrate on continuing to deliver high quality services in those areas that we have prioritised after consulting with residents.”

You can read the feedback received and changes made to the plan in response to comments at under past consultations.