Community efforts in vain as brook is trashed again

Grot spot - California Brook near Penn Road in Aylesbury
Grot spot - California Brook near Penn Road in Aylesbury

A previously tidied grot spot has returned to its mucky ways just months after being smartened by the community.

Aylesbury College teamed up with the town and district councils to tidy up California Brook, which runs behind it, in April but already it has been messed up again further down the stream.

A chest of drawers has been dumped in the brook near the Bourg Walk Bridge while the grass is overgrown and there is further rubbish along the stream. There are also concerns for wildlife in the area such as ducks.

Previously the brook had become littered with all sorts of rubbish, including supermarket trolleys, making it an eyesore and a health hazard that attracts vermin.

College marketing manager Anne Atkinson, who helped clear up the area in April, said: “It’s a great disappointment.

“It’s not a good lesson for our students that if they clear something up people will just go along and trash it again.

“It sends a really bad message to the community who have been involved in cleaning it up to start with.

“We had the mayor stop by and wide variety of people participate in the clean-up.

“It really brought the community together. It was a big community effort and for it to be trashed again is a real shame.”

Aylesbury Vale District Council confirmed that its contractor had been instructed to clean the brook immediately.