Community drive keeps the village scouts alive

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A REAL community effort is on the verge of paying off as the villagers of Oakley prepare to reopen their once thriving scout group.

The final beaver section shut down last year due to a lack of helpers, but the community refused to give up on their group and now have the leaders required to reopen.

Their change in fortunes came from a last ditch attempt to save the scouts, where the committee sent Christmas cards to every person in the village appealing for help.

And much to their delight they had three people come forward to take on the responsibility of both the Beavers and the Cubs.

Chairman Trevor Lloyd said: “We wanted to come up with one final idea before we had to put the scout group to bed so we came up with the Christmas cards – it really was a last ditch attempt, to be honest.

“It was always really important that we keep it running because it gives the children something to do.

“They are very limited as Oakley is quite far away from Thame and parents are often unwilling to travel long distances so having it this local means that there is somewhere for the kids to go – there is nothing else like it for them in the village.” The club had been a permanent fixture in Oakley for many years but it gradually started to decline when leaders began to leave.

Mr Lloyd said: “When we moved to the village it was thriving and really successful but gradually as time went on the amount of leaders fell.

“The scouts went about five years ago, next was the cubs and then in June the beavers finally went when the leader decided to hang up her woggle.

“So since last summer we have been trying to start it up again and it is great that we are now in the situation to do that.”

The beaver and cub groups are set to welcome children through their doors again on June 7 when it will be holding a special open day.