Community choir needs new voices

A singing group in Towersey is looking for new members.

Village Voices is for anyone who wants to sing for fun – people who already do sing, people who used to but think their voice is a bit rusty, people who would like to have a go at singing but think they can’t, high and low voices, male and female voices.

You don’t need to have any previous experience, or be able to read music.

The choir is about having fun singing music from around the world for the pure joy of it, in a friendly and informal way.

You don’t have to turn up every week, there are no auditions and no-one will judge you.

It’s not about performing, although they do give the occasional performance locally.

They meet on Friday evenings, with short breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer, and the normal charge is £4, or £1 for students.

If you would like further information, email or visit our website –