Comedian points way to nice day at Aylesbury theatre

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She is best known as Holy Mary in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, but this week Janice Connelly will bring her latest character to the Limelight.

The Birmingham-based comedian’s new show claims we are living in an increasingly unfriendly world where we keep ourselves to ourselves.

Through her new character Barbara Nice, a Stockport stay-at-home mum of five, Janice says she aims to deliver some social truths.

Limelight spokeswoman Nikita Strange said: “If you walk with your head down, she will make sure you walk out with it raised high and proud, ready to greet the world with a whole new enlightened perspective.

“A friendly, inclusive atmosphere is promised along with great comic timing and unique insights into the human condition.”

Janice was spotted by Peter Kay at a talent show in 1998. Since then she has appeared in Phoenix Nights and Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere.

Janice’s Hiya And Higher show is at Aylesbury’s Limelight Theatre on Friday at 8pm.

A special offer is also running where every ticket holder will get a free beer or glass of wine on the night. For more details visit