Clowning around at the Ginnett Circus

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With the Ginnett Circus in town for the weekend, Thame Gazette reporter James Perkins went along to try his hand at some of the age-old skills which keep people flocking to the big tops.

Plate spinning and hula hooping are both skills I always thought I could master in just a couple of attempts but that simply was not the case.

Practice after practice I just couldn’t manage to pull it off on the circus stage.

Despite tuition from Anke, the show’s main star, I wasn’t able to keep the hula hoop in the air for more than a few seconds at a time, it was always on a one-way trip to the floor.

In fact, the only way I could keep it in the air longer, was by starting with the hoop right up at my chest.

After realising hula hooping wasn’t for me, I tried my hand at the supposedly ‘easier’ plate spinning.

This I at least appeared to be in control of, albeit for a maximum of about three seconds, before it went tumbling to the floor.

I could get the plate spinning in a circle but as soon as it got too fast, that was it , the plate came crashing to the floor once again.

Then came my lucky break, when I found an act I simply couldn’t mess up. All that was required was for me to lay on the floor and Vader the dog would do the rest.

The first time it was perfect, Vader did exactly what he was supposed to and jumped over me in a move which I can imagine looked almost professional.

The second attempt however ended with me being clipped in the face as the dog landed a little short of his target.

It left me with the realisation that the circus really wasn’t for me and instead should be left to the professionals who make it look so easy.

Tickets for the circus are still available on Monday, June 27 at 5pm and 7.30pm and Tuesday, June 28 at 5pm.