Christmas joy for design firm

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A design company is celebrating as the Monopoly Millionaire game it helped brand looks destined to be a best-seller this Christmas.

Go Ballistic Creative Ltd, which has been in Thame for 15 years, has had a hand in the design of ‘almost every board game you can think of’, says senior designer Chris Brown, who has worked at the firm for 13 years.

He said: “It’s been a huge privilege to work on these leading products.

“We’re very proud of what we achieve here. We’re just a local, small company in Thame which is doing very well.”

The firm, which employs just six people, has worked for a variety of big clients, including Hasbro, Tomy, Scalextric, Schwarz and, in time for this Christmas, Carte Blanche’s Tatty Teddy.

The company, formerly based in Aylesbury, has also worked on board games such as Taboo, The Game of Life, Pass the Bomb and Twister. It was also responsible for the re-branding of classic game Trivial Pursuit.

Mr Brown added: “We’re quite fortunate to be able to work on such major brands.

“Twister was actually one of the first games we worked on. Any board game you can think of, we’ve probably had a hand in – even Scrabble in America.

“We’ve even done work for Disney through some of these companies.

“Since I’ve been at the company, we’ve gone from a small, local firm to a company with a lot of clout.

“I think Thame needs a bit of a shout out sometimes.

“We’ve become this successful company, based at the top of a hill just outside of Thame.

“The new Millionaire Monopoly is going to be massive. It’s outselling any other board game at the moment.

“It’s looking to be very popular, so we’re very pleased.”

The company has also done work for Oral B, playing card company Piatnik, creative toy company Flair Creative and even bible company Scripture Union, for whom the firm designs bible covers.