Christmas comes to life for primary schoolchildren

Pupils from St Mary’s School in Haddenham were given the chance to get up close and personal with some reindeer earlier this week.

The reindeer, provided by Hartwell Nursery, came to the school to visit children aged 4-7.

Reindeer visit the pupils of Haddenham St Marys School

Reindeer visit the pupils of Haddenham St Marys School

Headteacher Karen Collett said the visit from the reindeer went down really well with the children.

She said: “We allowed children from the reception, year one and year two classes to see the reindeer and they loved having them around.

“We told the children they had to be very quiet so they didn’t frighten the reindeer and because they were so well behaved they were able to stroke the reindeer.

“We also told the children the reindeer were called Prancer and Dancer but those aren’t their real names!”

The children also took part in other festive activities on what the school called it’s “Xmas Wow Day.”

Mrs Collett said: “The children really enjoyed the whole day and it helped to get us all into the Christmas spirit.

“We also held Christmas parties for the children.”

The reindeers weren’t the only special guests to the school’s Christmas celebrations.

Mrs Collett added: “We also had an appearance from Santa so that was a great way to round off the day.”