Christina’s book tells you to ‘think again’

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An Aylesbury-based writer has turned the idea of becoming an angel on its head, treating it as a punishment rather than an honour.

Christina Juniper came up with the concept for her fantasy fiction novel while discussing the after-life with friends.

The 26 year old said: “I am not an overly religious person. So the idea of succumbing to a higher being after death, and being forced to potentially be an angel, is something that I view to be a sentence rather than a blessing – hence the title Angels Of Purgatory.

“Rather than being allowed entry to heaven they have to serve their time as an Angel of Purgatory before they are granted entry to either heaven or hell.”

The story follows Patrick Gale, a young man who kills his step father for abusing his mother. The book also takes an unorthodox view on the stars, claiming they are cages for people banished after committing unforgiveable sins.

“I think the book offers readers, as it offered me when I was writing it, a form of escapism,” said Christina.

“It allows them to enter into a world that is different to the one we live in day to day.

“It opens peoples’ minds to a different way of thinking. What if the things we think are one thing, are actually another?

“I think the book offers readers the opportunity to broaden their mind and to let their imagination run a little bit wild, irrespective of how old they are.”

The eBook is Christina’s first novel. She says she worked hard to create a world ‘that people would enjoy entering into, after a hard day at work’.

So far copies of the book have been sold across Europe and the US.

Christina is currently working on ideas for a follow-up, which could be released next year.

> The book is called Angels Of Purgatory And The Army of Stolen Souls.