Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan wins approval at referendum

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Residents have voted overwhelmingly to accept the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan (CNP), a document setting out the future developements and community facilites for the area.

Of those who took part, 96% voted yes in a referendum which took place on Thursday, September 7. #

Election figures reveal that there were 1,744 yes votes, 77 no votes, with the turnout from an electorate of 5,009 of 36.4%.

One local resident said: “The village has spoken! This is an outstanding result following the hard work of a group local volunteers, Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, a sub-committee of the Chinnor Parish Council, over the past two and a half years.”

The CNP will now become an integral part of the South Oxfordshire planning regulations.

During the public consultation process of developing the CNP, housing was the subject that received the most comments from residents.

In the last few years Chinnor has seen significant new housing developments, many of which have been opposed by the Parish Council and South Oxfordshire District Council but have gained approval via the appeals process. Some of these have already started to be built and others have gained permission but have not yet been started.

The CNP states that it will not allocate any further sites for housing development.

The plan covered a wide range of other issues, such as employment, community facilities, heritage and environment, traffic and education.

View the full plan at and visit