Children help village horticultural show flourish

Mick and Dom
Mick and Dom

Young exhibitors helped to make the annual Haddenham Horticultural Society Show a success this year as more children took part.

The event saw 72 exhibitors entering the open classes and 18 entering the special children’s classes, at the show held on Saturday, September 2.

Mick Penn with Isabelle Leaver

Mick Penn with Isabelle Leaver

After a decline in entrants over the past few years the show organisers were particularly pleased to see the number of children participating recover to the sort of numbers in 2009/10, with 18 individuals entering 88 classes in total.

The overall number of exhibits in the open classes was also slightly up on the past couple of years at 546, although at 72 the number of open class exhibitors was quite a bit down on last year.

The number of visitors held up well, indicating that the show is still a popular community event, and overall there were lots of favourable comments. People seemed to enjoy themselves as always with a wide range of classes to provide something of interest for everyone.

Special Awards

Haddenham Show Picture:

Haddenham Show Picture:

Rotary Club of Haddenham & District Prize for the Best Exhibit in the Children’s Classes:

Winner: Cara Johnson For A collage of pulses

RHS Banksian Medal - for the largest total amount of prize money in the horticultural classes by an exhibitor who has not won the medal for the past two years: winner would have been Mick and Dom Penn apart from this rule as they won in 2015.

Winner: Alison Glanville.

Top Tray Competition

Alison Glanville.

Top Vase Competition

Mick and Dom Penn.

National Vegetable Society Medal (for best vegetable exhibit)

Mick and Dom Penn.

Best in section awards

Best in Section Cacti & Succulents

Nigel Risdale for 3 Cacti/Succulents, 9cm pots or under.

Best in Section Vegetables

Mick and Dom Penn for Three Leeks, blanch

Best in Section Fruit

Robert Cartwright for Collection of Fruit.

Best in Section Flowers

Mick and Dom Penn for Three vases of Dahlias

Best in Section Floral Art

Melanie Dean for ‘The Cocktail Party’.

Best in Section Photography

John Farr for ‘A Night Scene’.

Best in Section Preserves etc.

Sue Towersey for One pot Lemon Curd

Best in Section Sweet and Savoury

Sue Towersey for Victoria Sandwich

Best in Section Bread

Claire Risdale for One Malt Loaf

Best in Section Beer & Wine

Ian P Jones for One bottle Wine, vegetable (white)

Best in Section Art

Linda Weir for A painting in acrylics or oils, Landscape

Best in Section Handicrafts

Susan Michell for Any article of Patchwork and/or Quilting


Trophy winners at the Haddenham Horticultural Society Annual Show held on Saturday, September 2 - a full show report appears on the facing page.

Mabel Parkinson Memorial Trophy

(For most points gained in all classes in show) Mick and Dom Penn.

Robert G. Green Challenge Cup

(Most points in vegetable classes 2-32 by resident of Haddenham, Aston Sandford, Kingsey or Scotsgrove) Mick and Dom Penn.

Dick Rose Memorial Cup

(Most points in vegetable classes 2-32) Mick and Dom Penn.

The Pilcher Perpetual Trophy

(Most points in Fruit classes) Robert Cartwright.

Major Sladen Challenge Cup

(Most points in Flower classes: general and roses) Keith Wheeler-Cherry.

Bert Wells Perpetual Trophy

(Most points in Dahlia classes) Mick and Dom Penn.

Laurels Chrysanthemum Challenge Trophy

(Most points in Chrysanthemum classes) Mick and Dom Penn.

Stonley Cup

(Most points in Cacti/Succulent classes) Nigel Risdale.

Joan Thame Perpetual Trophy

(Most points in Floral Art classes) Gay Jordan.

Floyd Trophy for Photography

(Most points in photography classes) Lisa Lawson.

Win Gregory Trophy

(Most points in domestic [preserves, etc] classes) Sue Towersey.

Emma Balcombe Perpetual Trophy

(Most points in domestic [sweet & savoury] classes) Pam Harding.

Thomas Forster Perpetual Trophy

(Most points in bread classes) Claire Risdale.

Beer Festival Claret Jug

(Most points in beer, wine & other beverages classes) Ian P Jones

Alan Boddington Memorial Trophy

(Most points in art classes) Jennifer Tomes

Haddenham Horticultural Society Challenge

(Most points in handicraft classes) Susan Michell.

Silver Challenge Cup

(Most points in children under 7 classes) Rory Cartwright.

L.M.R. Webb Challenge Cup & Shield

(Most points in children 7 & over but under 11 classes) Lily Boulton.

Jubilee Junior Cup & Shield

(Most points in children 11 & over but under 16 classes) Isabelle Leaver.