Chiefs divided over unitary council idea

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The creation of a Bucks unitary authority will happen in the future, the district council leader has said.

Councillor John Cartwright said an authority combining county and district services is the way to go but it is premature to start discussing its creation now.

Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett said he is more focused on county councils sharing services with each other, rather than uniting district and county.

Their comments come after a number of councillors expressed support for the creation of a unitary authority as a way of saving money.

Mr Cartwright, of Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “At some time there will be a unitary authority within Buckinghamshire, whether it’s one or more.

“We won’t make any real progress until the Government gives some form of indication that they’re going to favour unitary authorities.”

Mr Tett said joining up district and county powers was not a priority.

He said: “I’m more concerned about working with other county councils. I think you can get bigger savings by having two large organisations doing the same thing working together. I’m not convinced there’s an awful lot of big savings to be had in the short term working with the districts.”