Chief says people power key to dealing with ‘grot spots’

The once grotty Elm Farm underpass has been transformed
The once grotty Elm Farm underpass has been transformed

Community involvement is crucial to clearing Aylesbury of grot spots, a council chief has said.

Following the launch of the Bucks Herald’s campaign to address the town’s grot spots, Councillor Brian Roberts has stressed the importance of residents doing their bit.

Mr Roberts, a district council cabinet member and town councillor, has been involved with a number of projects around town and says more people should do the same.

He said: “There are many things that local residents can do to enhance the environment in which they live.

“Obviously if the task is deemed too big then other resources will have to be called in and things like damaged pavements ar, of course, the responsibility of the local authorities. I agree that at times residents get frustrated with the time it sometimes takes to get those responsible to do something, so that is why we decided to get involved with our residents to turn some of these frustrations into community projects.”

Mr Roberts and other people have been involved in work including giving the underpass at the bottom of Elm Farm Road an Olympic feel, clearing verges in Edward Close and planting thousands of daffodil bulbs.

The councillor agreed grot spots can be frustrating but said there are often reasons for them, such as the council being unable to enter private property and landlords not allowing the town centre partnership to brighten up empty shop fronts.

Mr Roberts also called for a major campaign to show how anti social littering is.

He said: “Let’s attack the cause, not the symptom.”

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