Cheese named after DCI Barnaby is launched in Midsomer country

Hannah & Joe at Deli No5
Hannah & Joe at Deli No5

The taste of Midsomer has a new product for fans of the TV series to buy in Thame.

Fans of Midsomer Murders have flocked to the town over the years to view the filming locations, and take away souvenirs.

Two new Midsomer-related products are being launched by The Deli at No. 5, a Thame delicatessen ‘celebrating great British produce with a great British lifestyle’.

The Deli at No. 5 specialises in cheeses, pickles, wine, charcuterie and other foods sourced from around the UK.

They have launched Barnaby Blue Cheese, named after DCI Barnaby in the TV series, and Midsomer Gin will be available in the new year.

Other Midsomer foods to find in Thame are the popular Barnaby Buns and newly launched Midsomer Chocolate Lollipops from Rumsey’s Chocolaterie. Local businesses are planning other Midsomer products, including Midsomer Ale, for launch next year.

Hannah Jones, co-owner of The Deli at No. 5, said: “We’re delighted to be adopting the Midsomer theme with our new cheese and gin, both specially produced for us by artisan businesses. We hope they appeal to Midsomer fans in the area as well as visitors from overseas.”

Becky Reid, market town co-ordinator at Thame Town Council, added: “Millions watch Midsomer Murders in the UK and worldwide - it’s one of our biggest TV exports. People want to come and visit the beautiful towns and villages of Midsomer, such as Thame. While here, they spend money in our shops, restaurants, pubs, and hotels – which is good for the town and its economy.”

Another highly successful second season of Midsomer guided Walking Tours of Thame has just ended, following their début last year. Tony Long, co-ordinator for the tour guides, who are all members of Thame Players, said: “Interest is growing and the tours are ever more popular, with nearly twice as many going on the tours this year, compared to last year. The more people coming on the tours, the more funds we can donate from ticket sales to deserving causes including the Mayor’s Charities and Thame Museum.

“This autumn, we also began a collaborative Midsomer venture with Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway, combining a Sunday afternoon walking tour of Thame with a steam trip from Chinnor including cream tea while on board. All three dates in September and October sold out, and we’re planning to run these Sunday events once a month between April and October next year.”