Cheeky cat enjoys his trip around town

Cat Tom returns home after a week missing - Pictured is owner Mary Green at their home in Abbey Road, Aylesbury
Cat Tom returns home after a week missing - Pictured is owner Mary Green at their home in Abbey Road, Aylesbury

Tracking down an adventurous cat which went missing in Aylesbury was a real town effort, according to its thankful owner.

Mary Green, of Abbey Road, was distraught when her four-year-old Siamese tomcat scrambled over the garden fence and never returned.

But it transpired the cat, aptly named Tom, was spotted on several occasions by numerous Broadfields businesses which had been feeding him and trying to help Mrs Green capture him in the week he was missing.

Mrs Green, who has only owned Tom for a few weeks, said: “It was a hell of a week.

“I don’t know if he got spooked but somehow he just didn’t come home.

“We’ve had such a good response from people who have been ringing in and helping.

“Some have been saying I’ve seen him at Tesco, someone said they saw him at Halfords.

“But we were never able to get him as he had been running under all the cars and into bushes.”

Mrs Green, a retired Aylesbury Grammar School karate teacher, said she believed he had got scared by a passing dog on the bridleway behind the house.

Eventually after visiting Mercedes, Nissan, McDonalds and The Charter Mrs Green was finally able to capture Tom after he paid a visit to another favourite haunt, the workers at the new Harvester restaurant site.

The building team had been treating the cat to tuna out of their sandwiches and milk.

She added: “The guys there rang me up and said they had managed to trap him in a container there.

“I got in there and grabbed him.

“He was just laying there. “

Mrs Green thanked all of the businesses and those on Facebook who had also been posting Tom’s photo and trying to help her get the mischievous cat home.

She gave many of the companies ‘thank you’ cards and bottles of wine and treated the Harevester workmen with beers.

Back home safe and sound Mrs Green said she was not planning on letting Tom out of her sight.

“He’s locked in now.

“He’s been well and truly stuffed and he’s out cold.”


Each morning

Whereabouts unknown but thought to be Halfords

Each afternoon

Between 2pm and 3pm Tom visited Mercedes and Nissan before popping over to Harvester to see the workmen

Each evening

Tom would stop off at Tesco and McDonalds for dinner