Charity shop’s catwalk

WITH fashion fever taking over some of the world’s major cities this month, it is a key time for shoppers to get new outfits for their wardrobes.

But a charity shop in Thame is urging people to think closer to home and look for bargains in their local stores.

Top models have been taking to the catwalks in Paris, London and New York this month, inspiring many to go out and shop for some new-look clothes.

Shop manager at Cancer Research UK Maria Smith hopes to offer something different, saying: “We have loads of clothes perfectly suited to spring. It is amazing what people donate and the rails are packed with everything for the new season. If you want to revamp your wardrobe for spring then this is definitely the shop for you.”

The store has a complete Spring range out for people to browse through and has accessories to match the outfits.

Mrs Smith said: “The shop is looking full of colour at the moment, we have had a lot of donations and so our new stock offers a fair amount of choice.

“We have jewellery and accessories to go along with the outfits so shoppers can get completed outfits.”

A traditional outfit from the cat walks often go into thousands of pounds, but one can be snapped up at a charity shop for much less.

Mrs Smith said: “I’d say a complete outfit with shoes, jewellery, and all the accessories would cost up to around £25.”