Charity donation habits of Bucks residents revealed

Charity collection box
Charity collection box

The generous people of Bucks give an average of £204 a year to charity, new research has revealed.

The amount has increased by £8 from two years ago.

Thirty-seven per cent goes to Bucks-based charities (£75 per person), while 42% of donations are given to national charities and 21% to international causes.

The research was undertaken in October on behalf of the Buckinghamshire Community Foundation by SPA Future Thinking.

It was part-funded by the Buckinghamshire Small Grants Programme of The Rothschild Foundation and involved 500 respondents completing an eight minute online survey.

Richard Dickson, director of Buckinghamshire Community Foundation, said: “Buckinghamshire is the third wealthiest county in the UK in terms of average household income but there are pockets of real poverty in both our urban and rural areas which local community groups desperately need financial support to help tackle.

“Buckinghamshire is the only county that has research like this which tracks the level of giving at county level between local, national and international charities.

“The foundation exists to help local people become aware of the often unseen needs on their doorstep and to encourage and enable them to be as generous as possible to support the excellent work of the huge number of charities in the county.”

The amount given to local charities showed a 1% increase compared to two years ago, while the amount of giving to international charities fell by 2%.

The research also showed that the factor that would encourage more giving is greater transparency from charities about how the money given is spent.

The Local Giving Index research also showed that 83% of respondents said that they expected their total charitable giving to increase or at least remain the same in the next twelve months.

Subject to funding being available, the community foundation says it plans to repeat the research in late 2015 as part of its ‘Think Local. Give Local’ initiative to monitor the extent of changes in giving by people, especially to measure how their giving to support local charities has increased.