Charities join forces to bring business benefits

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Two charities have joined forces in the wake of funding cuts.

The Clare Foundation, which helps Bucks organisations and businesses work efficiently, has merged with Bucks 4C, which matches socially responsible businesses with voluntary sector requirements.

The two organisations will champion opportunities between local businesses and charities.

Bucks 4C, already based at The Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton, will now operate within The Clare Foundation structure to bring more resources to helping bring business and charities together.

Bekki James, Partnership Manager of 4C, said: “Funding cuts have had a profound effect on our charity and voluntary sectors. Yet so many people in the Bucks community rely on these organisations for support, guidance, interaction and help in their daily lives.

“There is an overwhelming need to tap into the skills, expertise and man power of local businesses for the good of all our communities.

“However many businesses just don’t know where to begin this process of developing and implementing what is now commonly known as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

“The pressures of running a business can often mean these good intentions don’t become a reality. This is where 4C comes into its own – we take time to understand our charity and voluntary sector requirements and then match them with local businesses that can help achieve their goals and find a solution to their needs.

“By helping businesses to support vital projects we can help them to be valued and engaged in their communities.

“Our vision is to reach many more companies in order to increase our impact to the voluntary sector and integrating with The Clare Foundation is a fantastic opportunity to do that.’

David White, CEO of The Clare Foundation said: “We’re delighted that 4C and The Clare Foundation are merging.

“The aims of both organisations correspond perfectly and there is a natural fit between the two. Joining forces will enable us to make greater progress in the work each charity has been doing.

“We look forward to working together to help provide Bucks businesses with even more opportunities to implement a CSR policy.”