Chance at the big time

Record producer Mike Hurst sets up a theatre group in Chinnor
Record producer Mike Hurst sets up a theatre group in Chinnor

CHILDREN of Chinnor could be following in the footsteps of Cat Stevens, Shakin Stevens and Marc Bolan after a top producer set up a theatre group in the village.

Mike Hurst, who is the man behind the superstar acts, has recently moved to Kingston Blount and is eager to pass his expertise to the younger generation.

He said: “I have been producing and helping children since 1981 and it is effectively the same thing.

“The edges may be very slightly different, but what you are doing on both fronts is making them confident to make a good record.”

Helping children is something Mr Hurst has always had a passion for and it is their input which drives him to do such theatre groups.

He said: “I just love it – I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t.

“I pour all my energy and experience into them, granted not all will be reciprocated but most of them take in your energy and that is what I get a kick out of.”

The new children’s group will be part of the chain Henley Children’s Theatre Group, which is run by members of the Hurst family.

And it isn’t just Mike who has a foot in the big time, with his mother being the woman behind the success of Audrey Hepburn.

The classes are open to children between five and 16 years old and what Mr Hurst believes is unique about them is that every child will get a chance to perform.

He said: “Everyone gets involved in our productions, they all have parts, some have chorus’, while some have their own songs.

“In the group, they will also all learn how to stand up in front of people, which will help them later in life.

The sessions run on Saturday morning at Chinnor Village Hall – for more information call 01844 351502.