Cattle market petition reaches the 500 mark

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OPPOSITION to plans for a large Sainsbury’s on the cattle market site continues to grow, with more than 500 people already opposing the idea.

A Facebook campaign was launched when the proposals were first made public and have now reached their first landmark of 500 people.

There are also petitions at a number of the town’s shops, which are not included in this figure.

The petition was put forward by the Cattle Market Action Group (CMAG) and the response has been pleasing to its members.

Krystyna Hewitt said: “We are very happy with the response because it isn’t just an anti-supermarket response, it is one in favour of turning the site into a community facility, which is what CMAG want.

“We want the town council to take forward this idea of having a community facility.

“A community facility can bring big benefits to the town and I think people are recognising this is the only site where it can be built in the town centre, which is important.”

In response, Sainsbury’s’ Andrew Sanderson said: “We are currently discussing our plans with local groups and addressing the issues that have been raised so that we can bring forward the best possible scheme for Thame, which will keep people shopping in the town and secure the cattle market’s future.”