Carry on riding: Olympic horse breeder given planning permission as politicians clash over ‘inflammatory’ leafleting

Emma Phillips on Lancelot at Quainton Stud
Emma Phillips on Lancelot at Quainton Stud

A stud which reared an Olympic gold medal winning horse has been given the green light to continue exhibition events following a bitter feud with a district councillor.

Quainton Stud owner Emma Phillips said she was ‘absolutely elated’ to continue events at the facility, which have been taking place for around 17 years.

During the meeting she accused district councillor David Vick, who campaigned against the stud and demanded it get planning permission, of having a vendetta against them.

Mr Vick lives near the stud but represents the neighbouring parish of Waddesdon.

He told the district council’s development control committee that the stud, which holds 150 events every year, caused ‘significant harm to the character and appearance of the countryside’ and also raised concerns about traffic.

Mrs Phillips, who took over the stud with her husband, Michael, in 2005, said: “We have never had complaints in the last eight years. The majority of objections were received after Mr Vick leafleted the village of Quainton after Christmas.”

Ben Maher rode the stud’s black stallion Triple X to London 2012 showjumping glory and nearly 750 people have signed an online petition supporting the events at the venue.

The stud owner added they had received 776 signatures of support on an online petition for keeping it operating and that many people were unaware of it until Mr Vick’s intervention.

Quainton Councillor Sue Polhill reacted angrily to Mr Vick leafleting on her parish.

She said: “The majority of complaints were a knee jerk reaction to those leaflets which were highly inflammatory and misleading.

“I was not happy to find a fellow councillor putting leaflets around my ward.

“People were saying they didn’t even know it was there before then.

“I’m very proud to have on my ward a stud of this calibre and where else can we have a facility like this but in the countryside?”

But Mr Vick said he was pleased that activities at the site would now have to be regulated.