Cannabis grower ordered to pay out more than £86,000

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A MAN convicted of growing cannabis plants in his house and shed has been ordered to pay out more than £86,000 in a confiscation order.

Mark Heritage, 56, of London Road, Aston Clinton, was handed the order for a total of £86,524 at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday.

The order follows a warrant carried out at Heritage’s home address on March 18, 2011, where officers discovered 24 cannabis plants in their flowering stage growing in a shed, together with four root balls and another 27 cannabis plants in the house.

This was a sophisticated set up, with lights, timers, transformers and fans, and the house contained a grinder, stripped stalk material and packets and vials containing seeds and showed evidence of previous production.

Following conviction, Heritage was sentenced to eight months imprisonment on August 18, 2011.

At the hearing on Friday, the court heard Heritage had sufficient funds to pay the full sum in confiscation and was ordered to pay within 28 days or face a prison sentence of 20 months.