Can council worker Jo quit smoking for good?

Jo Kelly, pictured below, is aiming to quit smoking for good
Jo Kelly, pictured below, is aiming to quit smoking for good

A council worker will join around 2,000 other Bucks smokers this month trying to kick the habit during Stoptober.

The initiative aims to get smokers to stay smokefree for 31 days – and maybe for good, because those who refrain for a month are five times more likely to stop completely.

Jo Kelly, who works for Bucks County Council, is pledging to take part in this year’s challenge.

She managed to stop smoking in the past, and although it didn’t last she still has the goal of becoming a non-smoker for good.

She said: “I have smoked for over 10 years and I know it is really bad for my health and costs me a ridiculous amount of money.

“I love exercising and I want to improve my fitness and reduce my risk of getting ill as a result of my habit.

“That is why I am determined to use this year’s Stoptober to reach my goal of becoming a non-smoker.

“I would urge any other smokers reading this to join me in the challenge – get in touch with the support service, they’re really friendly and are helping me to get started.”

Dr Jane O’Grady, director of public health said: “If you were one of those who took part last year and didn’t manage to stay off cigarettes then don’t be too despondent.

“Why not try again this year - most smokers need more than one attempt to quit for good.

“The excellent free local NHS stop smoking services can help you through the month and increase your chances of success.”

You can join Jo in her experience of Stoptober and find out more about how she is doing it by following her #stoptober Twitter updates at Bucks Public Health @PHBucks.

You can contact Bucks Smokefree Support Service on 0845 27 07 222 or email them at or visit their website at

For those who require support in another language or have particular cultural needs contact Solutions4Health 0800 6349139 or visit