Campaigners in Thame join the fight for people’s vote on Brexit deal

Open Britain Thame
Open Britain Thame

Campaigners in Thame joined people across the country to launch the fight for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

Activists and supporters from Open Britain, the European Movement and Britain for Europe took to the streets, with a group in Thame meeting people outside the Town Hall on Saturday, April 14.

Robin Storey of Open Britain Thame said: “I’m delighted with the launch of the campaign for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal in Thame.

“We signed up over a hundred supporters in two hours and then drove to Henley and launched a group there with similar results. We also visited other areas throughout MP John Howell MP constituency and will be asking Mr Howell for a meeting.

“Volunteers have been delivering 4,000 leaflets in the Thame area asking Mr Howell to back the customs union amendment to avoid unnecessary economic damage. This is a logical and measurable first step for him to take, but the people’s vote on the final Brexit deal is the real solution to this mess - as there are so many new facts about the cost of Brexit such as the £40Bn exit bill, broken promises on NHS funding and a likely bad deal.”

Robin added: “It’s great to be out campaigning in Thame, as a cross party group, alongside other pro-European activists and talking to local people about making sure they get a say on the Brexit deal.

“With Brexit turning out to be much more complicated and costly than people were told during the referendum, and with broken promises on NHS funding and a huge exit bill we weren’t told about, we are demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”

There were more than 100 events taking place all across the country with thousands of activists and supporters taking part.

James McGrory, executive director of Open Britain, said: “Our largest ever National Day of Action is all about bringing together the various pro-European groups so that we can speak with one, unified voice, because we know that together we are stronger.”