Callum Mortimer’s Different Take: Wrath of the Titans is good, but not legendary

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Set ten years after the events of Clash Of The Titans, Perseus, now living as a fisherman with his 10- year-old son Helius, is thrust back into the fight, as Hades and Ares plot to release big daddy titan Kronos upon the universe.

Wrath Of The Titans is considered to be one of the more risky sequels of 2012 because of the fact that it is an entirely original idea, and so with a new story comes a new director, with Louis Leterrier being replaced by Jonathan Liebesman (known best for Battle: Los Angeles).

For this film, it seems that they’ve delved further into Greek mythology and thrown Perseus into conflict with all manner of vicious beasts.

It’s good to see that most of the big name cast have stuck around for this second helping.

Jumping the story ahead ten years has done good for Sam Worthington’s character, he’s matured, he’s taken in who he really is, and he now sports a full head of hair.

This time though, Rosamund Pike has stepped into the shoes of Andromeda, offering up a tougher and blonder alternative to the lighter, forgettable version played by Alexa Davalos.

Also, Edgar Ramirez replaces Tamer Hassan in the role of Ares. Ares spent quite a lot of the first film as filler, but now, with Ares playing a much larger part in the sequence of events, it seemed right to have someone rugged who would also have a strong presence on set, so Ramirez was a good choice.

On the plus side, because the titan-o-meter has been cranked up several levels, a lot more work has been put into special effects which, on the whole, are very good.

In summary, if the writers had offered up a more solid script, this would have been a film of legendary proportions, but as it stands, it’s still a good action fantasy movie and with talks of developing and writing a treatment for a third film already under way, it seems there is more to come from Perseus and company.