Call for more acknowledgement of Robin Gibb’s legacy

Robin Gibb. Picture: PA Wire
Robin Gibb. Picture: PA Wire

A woman who wants more official recognition to be given to the work of late Bee Gee Robin Gibb is taking her campaign to Parliament.

Jill Francis has long wanted the singer-songwriter to be knighted, but this has been impossible following his death.

Gibb, who lived at the Prebendal in Thame for many years, was awarded a CBE in 2004 for his contribution to music, but Mrs Francis says it is not enough.

She has written to MPs asking for their support and helped collect thousands of signatures backing the campaign.

Mrs Francis said: “Here we have a true Englishman, who has done so much and has actually achieved mountains and fought right to the very end to achieve even more, a man who never wanted to stop working.”

Mrs Francis has pointed to Gibb’s other contributions to the country, including his spearheading of the campaign for the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London, and his work with various charities, including the Diana Trust, the Poppy Appeal and the Prince’s Trust.

“There is no end to this gentleman’s contributions to this country and although he has now passed, money is still being raised in honour of his name, for example Robin’s Run, where members of his family ran 200 miles from his Oxfordshire home to the Isle of Man,” said Mrs Francis.

“I and thousands of others are asking the question ‘Why is Robin Gibb being ignored for a recognition?’

“It is unbelievable and beyond belief.”