Call for Lidington to ‘come off the fence’

David Lidington
David Lidington

A petition calling for Aylesbury MP David Lidington to resign from the government in order to publicly oppose HS2 has attracted more than 200 signatures.

It was started by Vincent Nolan, 84, who has written an open letter to the Minister for Europe, challenging him to put the interests of his constituents first. Mr Nolan’s Stoke Mandeville home in Marsh Lane is less than 400 metres from where the controversial train track will run.

He said: “Although David Lidington helps us as far as he can communicate our views to ministers, he is not able to come off the fence and express his own view.

“I would be delighted if he said he would but if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put any money on it!”

Mr Nolan has collected more than 200 signatures from local residents in Stoke Mandeville in support of the letter.


Like many of your constituents, we have become seriously disillusioned with your stance on HS2.

It simply does not reflect our views on this political vanity project.

The scheme has no justification and will cause untold damage and disruption to our area both during construction and operation with no economic benefits whatsoever to any of us.

As a Minister, you have been unable to express any personal views against HS2, and have made no significant contribution to debates on HS2 in the Chamber.

You have told us that you are working “behind the scenes” to influence Government policy. Clearly that approach has not been successful.

The Government, of which you are a part, now seems more than ever committed to driving HS2 through Aylesbury, in spite of mounting evidence against the viability of the project.

We appreciate that for a professional politician like you, achieving Ministerial office is a highlight of your career.

But sadly, you really need to give up your government post to serve the best interests of your constituents.

Now is the time to make that choice: your Ministerial post or the interests of your constituents.

We call on you to demonstrate that you are a politician of integrity by resigning from the Government to join our fight against HS2 as a backbench MP.

Vincent Nolan, Niall Ramsden, Nick Bartman and 200 others