Call for classical singers to take music club by ‘storm’

Martin and Kerraleigh of The August List
Martin and Kerraleigh of The August List

Classical singers and choirs are being called to perform at a popular open mic night when it returns next week.

The First Thursday Music Club is a free live music event for a broad range of genres which has taken place once a month for the last four years.

But MC for the event Phil Westerman, who also performs with his own band on the night, said they are looking for off the wall acts they are yet to see.

He said: “The first tenor that comes along and sings Nessun dorma will go down a storm!

“What we haven’t seen is choirs too, but what we have here is quite extraordinary.

“We tend to have singer song writers early on, six or seven piece bands and then some pure rock and roll. And I mean rock and roll!”

Club performers regularly play in front of more than 100 at The James Figg pub in Cornmarket.

Garage-folk duo The August List, who will headline the event at 10pm on Thursday, have gone on to record singles played on BBC Radio Oxford.

Mr Westerman said: “We have had acts which are now entrenched in the music scene.

“So we would encourage anyone to come along and at least have a watch and see if it is for them.

“Many people say it’s more like a gig than an open mic so you would need the right temperament.”

Acts can sign up from 7.30pm, with music starting at 8pm.