CAB advice: Your questions answered

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I heard on the radio that the minimum wage has gone up. Has it? and, if so, what is it now? What can I do if my boss doesn’t pay me it?

You heard right – it went up on 1 October. The new rate is £6.08 if you’re 21 or over, £4.98 if you’re 18-20, and £3.68 if you’re 16-17. Your employer should raise your pay in line with the new rate automatically but if they don’t, and you feel comfortable talking to them about it, ask them why they haven’t raised you pay they might just not have known about the increase.

If you’re not happy with what your boss says, you can ask to see your pay records so that you can check they’ve calculated your pay correctly. You need to do this in writing and they will then have 14 days to show you the records.

If you don’t want to talk to your employer, then you can call the Pay and Work Rights Helpline. This is free. They can investigate your pay on your behalf and, if you are owed any pay, your employer can be ordered to pay it to you.

If your employer still does not pay you the correct amount then HMRC can take them to an Employment Tribunal on your behalf. So don’t worry, the law is on your side and there’s help out there. If you’re worried come to your local CAB or call the helpline below.

CAB adviceline 08444 111444 or 03003 300650

Your local CAB is in Market Square, Thame.