Buzz the beekeeper to keep swarms on side

Bee swarm specialist Brian Bush, at his Haddenham home
Bee swarm specialist Brian Bush, at his Haddenham home

A busy beekeeper has warned families not to panic as honeybees begin swarming at this time of year.

Brian Bush, 64, a semi-retired IT trainer from Haddenham, has been fascinated by bees from an early age when his mother sold them in Aylesbury.

He said: “I decided it wasn’t worth waiting until I retired. Life is too short.”

So Mr Bush now deals with swarms of honeybees which assemble around the queen on trees in early spring but said families should not panic.

He said: “It can be quite a frightening thing because of the initial few minutes when they are all flying around.

“They fill their abdomens with honey, a bit like humans after a Sunday lunch, so they are actually quite docile. They don’t want to sting you.”

Mr Bush, who lives with his wife Nadia, is a swarm officer for Mid Bucks Bee Keepers Association and said being stung has not put him off.

He said: “If I was worried about stings, I wouldn’t be doing it. One got behind my glasses at the weekend!

“But I’m a countryman, I love being outside with wildlife.”

Mr Bush collects swarms across the Vale by placing a box underneath it and knocking it down.

If you have a swarm at your home, call the honeybee hotline on 07770370132.