Businesses call for councils to be scrapped in Bucks

County Hall
County Hall

Businesses have overwhelmingly backed a shake-up of Bucks three-tier council system.

A survey conducted by Bucks Business First revealed just 14% would like to see the system remain as it is, with county, district and parish councils having authority in different areas.

Council chiefs have expressed opposition to the creation of a unitary authority at this time.

Of the survey respondents, 55% said they would like to see a unitary authority created, with 22% saying there should be two unitary councils covering the whole county.

Alex Pratt, Bucks Business First chairman, said: “As councils go, ours are amongst the best but you still have to wonder why a place like Wendover needs three of them all doing different tasks.

“In the end we should have all the good government we can afford, we just can’t justify three for the price of four.”

Businesses in Aylesbury Vale were the most supportive of the unitary idea, with 61% of respondents backing the idea.

No one who took part in the survey supported adding more councils into the mix.

In recent months Liberal Democrat councillors have set up a petition calling for some form of unitary authority, while independents have also spoken up for the idea.

However, the Conservative leaders of both the district and county councils have both dismissed the idea, for now at least.

County Council boss Martin Tett said he is more focused on county councils sharing services with each other.

Meanwhile district council chief John Cartwright has said there may be a unitary authority created in the future, but that is it premature to start talking about setting one up now.