Trader back after missing town too much

Karl Peterman
Karl Peterman

RETAIL: An Aylesbury shop owner who closed his business to go travelling made it as far as Canada before realising he could not bear to leave the town behind.

Picture framer Karl Peterman, 48, found himself missing England and phoned Friars Square Shopping Centre management ordering them to ‘touch nothing’ in his shop.

He has relaunched his business, now called Vale Country Framing, in The Cloisters.

Mr Peterman said: “I made it as far as Canada and found no reason to keep going.

“I love Aylesbury, I was born here, and local people appreciate the quality of my work.”

Customer Helen Stewart said: “It’s understandable that Mr Peterman left, as business rates do not reflect the recession and are putting our traders out of business, so well done for him re opening in this tough economic climate.

From now on Karl will stick to armchair travels and has renamed his business from The Karl Peterman Gallery.