‘Neighbourhood plan could limit the number of houses’

The land at Haddenham which could be built on
The land at Haddenham which could be built on

A village society is backing introducing a neighbourhood plan so it can have a greater say over the potential building of 100 houses.

Under the draft Vale of Aylesbury housing plan there will be at least 100 houses built in Haddenham.

But Haddenham Village Society believes that its own neighbourhood plan would better protect its interests.

The village society chairman John Brandis said: “Any land should involve the community of Haddenham very fully and in a structured way.

“A neighbourhood plan means we can perhaps get a limit on the number of houses.

“We want the consultation to happen so we can see what the residents want.”

For any neighbourhood plan to be implemented it needs to be proposed and submitted by the parish council.

Mr Brandis said the society was meeting with the parish council on April 16 to insist on developing a neighbourhood plan.

Currently there are 71 homes being built along the Thame Road up to the Haddenahm & Thame Parkway station.

On Saturday, development company Lands Improvement, held a public consultation and said it was seeking a change in use of land off Thame Road from employment to residential so 36 houses can be built.

The proposal has been made because the developers have struggled to sell the land off to businesses.

Lands Improvement, which owns the Haddenham Airfields, has said these industrial units could now be built on the north east corner of the business park instead if there is still a demand for them.

But there was a greater focus at the consultation on potential sites for the 100 houses in the Aylesbury Vale draft plan.

Lands Improvement indicated five potential sites of north of Dollicot, east of Stanbridge Road, the Glebe land south east of Willis Road, land to Thame on the west side of railway and north west of the business park where the 100 houses could be located.

To provide feedback to Lands Improvement on the plans visit www.haddenham.net/newsroom/public-consultation-event.html