Butcher’s bangers get prestigious pork prize

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They say people either love or hate Marmite - so that’s exactly how you might feel about Ricky Jeffrey’s award-winning sausages.

That’s because the crucial ingredient in the butcher’s prized creation is that very spread.

Ricky Jeffrey got a silver award for his marmite flavoured sausages

Ricky Jeffrey got a silver award for his marmite flavoured sausages

Mixed with pork from suppliers no more than 10 miles from his Little Kimble business, it was enough to be commended by the British Pork Executive last week.

Haddenham resident Mr Jeffrey runs the Egg House Charcuterie with his wife Emily. He said: “I was really pleased to get the recognition from them. I try to play around with different flavours. The Marmite works really well and adds depth to the taste.”

The couple set up the business in November after Mr Jeffrey decided to leave his role at Parminter’s in Haddenham and go it alone. Mr Jeffrey makes the sausages while his wife handles the commercial side, but he is hoping to take on employees one day.

The 28 year old said: “It was just my own drive and ambition that made me think I would quite like to do it for myself.

“I would love to get to the point where I can pass my skills to someone younger.”

The horsemeat scandal has provided a welcome boost for the blossoming business and the couple are doing everything they can to stand out from the crowd, including using old fashioned labelling and delivering their meat in a 1968 Morris Minor Traveller.

Mr Jeffrey said: “We are trying to be quite nostalgic.

“If you saw a transit van doing deliveries you would forget it straight away but you don’t forget a vehicle like ours.”

As well as sausages, the charcuterie sells joints, burgers, steaks and more and does free deliveries to anywhere within 10 miles.

And although the sausages only received a silver award, Mr Jeffrey says it had nothing to do with their quality.

He said: “They’re up there with the best but I overcooked them on the day.”